sam lucidi

A Python developer, open-source hacker, and adventurer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I work for Red Hat as a Software Engineer. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology as part of the Software Engineering class of 2014.


i wrote


    A Python library for data and form validation. It makes dealing with messy business logic and conditional requirements easy. Released under the MIT License.

  • hotdate

    A Python library for intuitive relative date formatting. Released under the MIT License.

  • liveconnect

    A handy Python library for interacting with SkyDrive and Microsoft's LiveConnect authorization flow. Released under the MIT License.

  • anachronos

    A strategy game written in Python with procedurally generated levels and time travel. This was my entry to a 24-hour game jam hosted by Computer Science House. This is a hobby project which gets pretty limited attention from me anymore, though I'd like to finish it. Released under the MIT License.

  • erlbereth

    Erlbereth is a multi-user dungeon in Erlang that I wrote in conjunction with six other software engineering students over the course of a month as the final project for a very unorthadox section of RIT's Concurrent Systems class taught by Mike Lutz. Released under the Happy Smile Erlbereth License.

  • texty

    An SMS frontend for SkyDrive that I built with Vik and Will for the University Hacker Olympics.

i contribute to

  • bingehack4

    I occasionally push bugfixes and features into bingehack4, CSH's fork of Nethack4, and occasionally those patches make it into the upstream.

  • boto & botoweb

    I occasionally contribute bugfixes and features to boto and botoweb. boto is a Python library for the Amazon Web Services API, and botoweb is a Python web framework built for boto. boto and botoweb were created by Mitch Garnaat and Chris Moyer, respectively.

  • vulnerability of the day

    Vulnerability of the Day is a pedagogically-curated collection of vulnerability demonstrations for undergraduate software engineering students. The goal is to teach students how to avoid simple coding mistakes by providing concise code examples.


Subtle Patterns (Subtle Patterns) / CC BY-SA 3.0